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Watch type: L2.793.4.78.6 Movement type: semi automatic machine Case material: stainless steel Material: stainless steel watchband Case diameter: 40 mm Domestic price: 16000 Editorial comment: Longines, one of the most recognized brand Chinese clock, visibility to the top three. Longines is elegant on behalf of the name of the word, there are Lin Chiling endorsement, and the brand name is also very taste, into China is also early, is a resounding brand. The appearance of the Longines stainless steel materials, is that it highlights the texture and willow wheat dial pointer, simple and elegant without losing individuality, carrying on the chain inside the semi automatic mechanical movement, is a law-abiding and have some set up a new banner uk replica watches, in the workplace is not yet high-profile conservation, adapt to work with. The working group recommended: Men's watch Tiger Ho Jaca Leila series rolex replica watches type: WAS2114.BA0732 Movement type: semi automatic machine Case material: stainless steel Material: stainless steel watchband Case diameter: 39 mm Domestic price: 24400 Editorial comment: compared with Longines, TAG Heuer in domestic well-known not so high, but was a Swiss interest brand, and multi sport event emergency cooperation, watch the widespread bias on the leisure sport even in professional sports. Calera is a representative of the tag heuer, this watch to use stainless steel materials, rather than on a Longines personality more publicity and coming to the fore, is a worn hands easily focus on the watch. A little time, do not need a little upper atmosphere, but not publicity is thought to be humbled, especially entrepreneurial enterprises, strong demand for execution, and even demand bright style, with a focus on the personality of the watch is right. The working group recommended: Men's replica watches uk Creadon series of high standing Watch type: MOA10140 Movement type: semi automatic machine Material: stainless steel gold watchband Case diameter: 41 mm Domestic price: 33600 Editorial comment: a man of high standing, if the table name, elegant humbled, humble person, the importance of character watch brand, and Europe is in line with the gentry culture. A plant using stainless steel watch and 18K gold flower material case, this match was so difficult to accept, but always very popular in high-rise and elite, suitable for leisure, business affairs, built-in semi automatic movement, usually wear more profound knowledge. Summary: three watches brand style is not the same, the price is not the same, for a certain economic strength of the friend, a goods quality always needs to show the following myself, not only for the social value of the limelight, it is to enjoy myself in the style. Each watch has own taste, suitable uncomfortable, have to wear just know