Patek Philippe high replica watches maintenance how much money how to carry out the usual maintenance?

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe clock brand, whether it is from the process of quality, brand value, is still in service, can be called a model for the industry, and even can be described as Patek Philippe is elegant and distinguished representative name words. Because the maintenance and protection of the Patek Philippe has been nursed back to health care swiss replica watches lovers watch. Patek Philippe repair needs some money? How to protect the implementation of the daily recuperation? Patek Philippe quality? Patek Philippe is the most ancient history of Geneva independent family watch company, independent position that Patek Philippe can control their own destiny, absolutely free space initiative help Patek Philippe according to quality standard own independent development of production and ensure the production of uk replica watches movements, watch in all aspects of the pursuit of excellence reflects the spirit of Patek Philippe. Until today, Patek Philippe watchmakers still inherit traditional technology, the ancient remains resolutely to sharp sight day in and day out, intensive manual technology, old precision and dexterity sensitive touch, is stable the extraordinary position in the high-end watchmaking art world advocate. At the same time, Patek Philippe relies on its outstanding performance in the field of innovation and development, and constantly promote the art of watchmaking towards a new peak. 80 patents confirmed that Patek Philippe as the industry innovation forward: status, and its twenty creation have critical significance for the development of the history of the clock. Patek Philippe repair a number of money? How much money does Patek Philippe need to maintain? This is a concern for many people with Patek Philippe's wrist watch. According to Patek Philippe is not the same as the price of repair devices will be different. 1, easy to dry battery, the demand of 130 yuan; 2, quartz movement (2), the demand of 550 yuan; 3, mechanical movement (2), the demand of 700 yuan; 4, semi-automatic movement (Level 2), the demand of 800 yuan; 5, complex function class I (Level 3) calendar month, travel time, equivalence, needs 1500 yuan; 6, complex function class II (Senior) million years calendar, timing device, needs 1500 yuan. Patek Philippe daily how to maintain? Patek Philippe deep love process trust of each table people will pour all, then for such elegant beauty, how to protect the implementation of daily maintenance? The first is the waterproof watch on the wrist. Waterproof function table on the wrist is generally in accordance with a rating of 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, mainly depends on the mirror, table cover, etc. the waterproof waterproof apron and corresponding standard. Because of this, when the table is in the water, to maintain the normal position in the table, the turnbuckle screw, do not adjust the table in the water. Followed by the lucky error. Ordinary mechanical table to allow the error of about 30 seconds per day, quartz replica watches about 15 seconds per month, the specific error must be based on the wrist of the table used by the movement of the. The stone table to set aside one ounce needle in minutes to adjust the time, in order to repay the gap between the magnetic wheel. The wrist on the table to prevent the near magnetic field, such as on the initiation of the magnetic field of electric or magnetic objects next to the child, may move the wrist on the table within a short time of stop and go or not. Additional, the use of life table and the wearer is accurate the use and protection of related tables on the wrist to. For example, wearing a wrist watch shower, wrist watch look ugly and dirty, the background of despicable, severe impact, will make the wrist watch easily damaged, reduce the using life. Especially the battery life will be used up, wrist watch water maintenance time, lest motivate a few other damage.